Hanging out your Shingle, Part 3: Titling Your Items for Best SEO

Note:  The bulk of this blog was written before the Etsy SEO/Meta-Tag Horror of 2009–if you follow such things–but interestingly, my advice remains unchanged.  There’s a nice boost for the old ego…assuming this advice actually works.  Heh.  That said, it definitely should, based on many hours of SEO research and trial/error on my part.  Oh, and “SEO” stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” and yes, it’s important.  Enjoy!

Last time around, I’d knocked out a couple more tips for how to smooth out the wrinkles in your Etsy shop, but I saved this one for last, mainly because it’s incredibly long.  However, recent events on Etsy have also rendered it mind-bogglingly timely, so I present to you my Final Tip for Setting Up Your Etsy Shop:

6.  Remember the rule of KISS.

No, no, not “Rock and Roll all Night”! Though that can be a good rule, too.  No, the rule I’m referring to was taught to me in college art class:  Keep It Simple, Stupid.

(Not that I’m calling you stupid.  Though now that I think about it, perhaps our art teacher was calling us stupid…hmm…)

The other things that Google uses to bring up your items in a web search (besides your shop title) are the titles and descriptions of individual items (and now to a greater extent, the tags, but at this point, that will have to wait for another blog).  I’m going to focus on titles today; let’s examine my own approach for a few concrete examples of what not to do.

In the beginning, I dreamily decided to name my items and list the name as the first thing in the description, then hammer out a list of each component of said piece of jewelry; i.e., “MYSTIQUE – Freshwater Pearl/Blue Lace Agate/Imperial Turquoise Triple-Strand Choker Necklace.”   Now, there isn’t anything wrong with this per se (well, okay, there is, but still),  except that people googling “Mystique” probably aren’t looking for jewelry, nor are they likely to be googling “blue lace agate and imperial turquoise choker” (though if they were, I’d probably have been able to sell them a necklace 😉 ).  Much more likely they’ll be searching for “gemstone necklace” or “beaded choker” or just “handmade jewelry.”  Not to mention the fact that some of my creations have eight or nine different kinds of beads–try listing all that without annoying a potential buyer.

But most importantly:  The fact that it was a “choker necklace”–surely the most important elements from a Google-search standpoint–was completely buried at the end…by which time Google has completely lost interest.  Google only looks at the first 70 characters of your title.

So first, you have to try to figure out what your potential customers will do a google search for, that will bring them to your item, and put that information first.  The recommended course is to just briefly describe your item, starting with the words that people might actually search for; for example:  Crystal / Agate Earrings.  Gemstone Choker Necklace in Onyx.   If the item has some special quality or component that people might do a search for, that should also be in the title:  Charm Bracelet w/Hill Tribe Silver.  Swarovski Crystal / Czech Glass Dangle Earrings.  The point is:  Most important words first, and of course…Keep It Simple and direct.

Honesty Check:  These titles are recommended by experts and they get the job done, but there is little oomph and no pizzazz whatsoever to them.  So I tried to find a compromise:  I still list my item names first, but I have simplified and properly-ordered what follows them.  Thus, I recently listed a new triple-strand choker, and the title is simply “BAROQUIA Gemstone Choker Necklace Triple-Strand.”  I’ll let you know how that works for me.

And that concludes my endless Etsy shop tip blog, as those currently are the main areas that I’ve revamped since starting on Etsy.  It’s a constant work in progress, of course, so expect another blog on “More Ways to Tone Up Your Flabby Etsy Shop” later on.  For now, check out this great blog post at Crazy About Crafting (Matthew Nix) that outlines some of the same points I made, plus a few more really choice ones.  And as always, check the Etsy forums for amazing lists of great newbie info.

Leave comments in the tip jar, or ring the bell on the way out if you enjoyed today’s meal.  Feel free to send in questions that you’d like to see answered, as well–I’d love to do a Q&A blog.

Tune in next time for “Adventures in Online Selling:  What I have learned from both ends of e-commerce.”  Cheers!


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  1. Margie McNutt on

    Here I go again . . . hmmmmm, That is a song title isn’t it? I will give your suggestion a try. So far all my titles start with fused glass which puts me at the zillionth page of google!

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