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Now That’s Support…

My daughter is six years old, and she thinks my jewelry is “cool.”  She even cried when I sold my first necklace–not out of shared joy, but out of distress that I was not keeping all my creations for myself.  She loved playing with my new bead strands when I returned from the bead show a couple weekends ago, and she always tells me how beautiful my work is.

And all that is really nice.  But to tell you the truth, I never really thought much about the support of a six-year-old.  I’m incredibly grateful for the support my husband (the newest Etsy widower) has given me, even when I know my preoccupation with the beads and the biz isn’t necessarily always where he’d like my priorities to be.  So him, I thank daily for the fact that he understands I need to continue my quest, even when dinner is late or the floor goes unswept. (And I’ve supported him in his share of windmill-tilting as well–it’s all yin to the yang.)

My son is three, so his biggest contribution to Particles is finding my lost beads on the floor when he’s playing with his cars…and giving them to me instead of trying to feed them to the dog.  He’s actually very good at finding seed beads among the carpet fibers.  Future surgeon, perhaps?

At any rate, it came as an extremely pleasant suprise to me to realize that my daughter understands my need to make this business work, too, even at her tender age.  Last week, I made a couple of sales and of course, visibly showed my joy when the e-mails came through.  But then, dinner was made, games played, baths taken, and all seemed forgotten in the flow of daily life.  But yesterday, my daughter sat down with her writing tablet and pencil and proceeded to write the following, completely spontaneously and out of that proverbial blue:

Real Support

We hadn’t even talked about it since I’d shipped the last item more than a day previous.  I was stunned, and frankly, got a bit misty-eyed as she gave it to me.  (And yes, I’m the one who had her write the date on the bottom, so I’d never forget.)

I’m thinking of framing it, so I can hang it on the wall when I finally have a dedicated work space of my own.

We all need that reminder sometimes, that none of our dreams would be possible without the support of the folks who love us most, no matter their age.  I only hope I can be at least as supportive of her in her own quests someday.

Namaste, peeps.